FOUND: How law enforcement saved my life

Come join international author & activist, Michelle Corrao for an inspiring story of survival and hope. Hosted in collaboration with our local law enforcement.

Cost: $10 (Females & males are both welcome)
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Book Cover: Found: Triumph Over Fear With Grace and Gratitude, The Michelle Corrao Story

Michelle Corrao is an international best selling Author and keynote speaker and compassionate advocate for victims of violent crimes. Michelle will be sharing the details of her abduction, assault and her darkest days to advocacy, hope and leading the charge to create Central Indiana’s first Sexual Response Team (SART) focused on victim-centered, trauma informed care. Michelle will also be doing a book signing at the event.

Overview of her book Found: Michelle never aspired to be the subject of the top story on the evening news, but Michelle Corrao’s abduction was the final crime in a string of assaults on women in Central Indiana in 1996. A confident, professional woman, violently assaulted and hidden in the trunk of her own car, Michelle was found by an off-duty police officer and given a second chance at life. More than twenty years after the assault, she shares her story within Found, a gripping autobiography detailing her unexpected journey from the worst moments of her life to moments when she truly believed life couldn’t get any better. Her faith, compassion, gratitude, and empathy light the way for all who want to make the world a safer, kinder place.