New Hope Clubhouse in Kendallville

What is New Hope Clubhouse? The New Hope Clubhouse is a voluntary program which provides the support persons need to regain confidence and self-esteem.

The Clubhouse provides opportunities for the enhancement of social skills, to develop relationships and to break the cycle of social isolation that is so common among adults with mental illness.

The ultimate goal of Clubhouse is to help people get real jobs in the community.

New Hope Clubhouse in Kendallville, Indiana
Cooking pots on a stove at New Hope Clubhouse

Working in Clubhouse

In the Clubhouse, members and staff work together and share the work ordered activities necessary for day-to-day operation.

Members have four work units to choose from:

  • Kitchen unit which prepares a tasty, affordable lunch for staff and members.
  • Clerical unit which is responsible for phone answering, daily attendance and statistics.
  • Transitional employment/orientation unit which is responsible for new member orientation, transitional employment orientation, employment advocacy and Clubhouse tours.
  • Snack bar unit is a self-sustaining snack bar offering fun and affords snacks to members and staff.

All members and staff share in the ongoing upkeep of Clubhouse such as maintenance and housekeeping duties.

Getting a Job

Transitional Employment, offered through Clubhouse, provides opportunities for members to enter/reenter employment in the community with a real job for real money.

The competitive hiring process is eliminated, enabling a Clubhouse member with a history of mental illness to acquire a job.

How Can I Belong?

In order to join New Hope Clubhouse, a person must have a diagnosis of a serious mental illness and have a desire to participate in the program. You may call and ask for the director, to get connected to Clubhouse.

New Hope Clubhouse offers persons with mental illness the opportunity to engage in meaningful work and to develop meaningful relationships.

Cooking pots on a stove at New Hope Clubhouse

Clubhouse Hours

The Clubhouse is open from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.MMonday through Friday.

Many activities take place outside of Clubhouse hours including being open most holidays.

Two times a month we host an employment dinner after Clubhouse hours where employment issues are discussed, and outside speakers talk with us about work and work-related issues.

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