Community Based Services

What are Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?

ADLs are the things we typically do in the course of a day including activities we perform for self-care such as cooking, hygiene, dressing, grooming, work, homemaking, and leisure. ADLs are provided in conjunction with other Northeastern Center services such as therapy, medication, and case management. The overall goal of the ADL program is to help strengthen and restore a consumer’s ability to work, socialize, and live independently.

ADLs fall into three main categories: 1. Community Living Skills; 2. Home Living Skills; 3. Personal Living Skills.

Community Based Services from Northeastern Center
Community Living Skills

Community Living Skills

  1. Coping Skills/Anger Management (skills to manage stress, anger, emotional distress, etc.)
  2. Community Leisure (Developing leisure habits and/or social interaction in a community setting)
  3. Community Participation (Using public restrooms, eating in a restaurant, using community services, civic activities, using a telephone, etc.)
  4. Community Safety (Providing personal identification, walking safely in traffic areas, bicycle safety, getting help when a problem occurs, heeding safety warnings, avoiding harm, riding safely in a car, etc.)
  5. Mobility and Travel (Entering/Moving around buildings, moving around the community, using public transportation, etc.)
  6. Money Management (Using banking services, budgeting money, understanding financial documents, etc.) Shopping Skills (Purchasing goods/services, shopping for needed items such as clothing, etc.)
Home Living Skills

Home Living Skills

  1. Clothing Care (Storing, folding, performing laundry tasks, minor repairs, etc.)
  2. Home Cleaning and Organization (Performing spontaneous cleaning tasks, establishing regular daily/weekly routines, extensive cleaning services, etc.)
  3. Home Leisure (Personal leisure activities, activities with others in the home setting, etc.)
  4. Home Maintenance (Repairing minor damage, routine indoor/outdoor maintenance, lawn care, painting, maintaining bicycle/auto, etc.)
  5. Home Safety (Prevention of falls/slips, electrical accidents, home security, sharp objects, cooking, fire hazards, necessary procedures during an emergency, etc.)
  6. Meal planning and Preparation (Preparing uncooked foods and meals, preparing food items for cooking, different cooking procedures, hygiene, operating kitchen appliances , following recipes/directions, serving a meal, cleaning the kitchen after a meal, etc.)
Personal Living Skills

Personal Living Skills

  1. Dressing (Dressing with assistance, dressing self, selecting clothing, etc.)
  2. Eating (Basic eating skills, using utensils, acceptable table manners, etc.)
  3. Grooming (Wash/bathe, care of teeth/mouth, hair care, shaving, nail care, etc.)
  4. Health Care (Taking medications, preventing illness by establishing good health habits, using basic first aid, aid wearing prosthetic/corrective devices, etc.)
  5. Managing Symptoms (Skills for managing symptoms, crisis situations, relapse, recovery, communicating with your treatment team, etc.)
  6. Sexuality (Understanding one’s body and its functions, showing responsibility for sexual behavior, responding appropriately in social/sexual situations, etc.)
  7. Technology (Cell phones, computers/internet, ATM’s, etc.)
  8. Wellness (Overall health and wellness, nutrition, exercise, etc.)

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