Residential Services

About Northeastern Center Residential Services

All of Northeastern Center’s residential programs are coed and limited to adults 18 years or older.

Participation in our programs is voluntary and to qualify for one of our residential services a consumer must be willing to do the following:

  • Participate in all aspects of the program
  • Follow the program structure
  • Be able to live cooperatively with others

A consumer may not present a danger to self or others, display verbal or physical aggression, or otherwise infringe upon the rights of other residents of the program.

Limited transportation is provided for required Northeastern Center appointments as well as for emergencies. For all other transportation needs, consumers are taught to use community resources.

Residents must be able to handle their basic medical needs independently.  Northeastern Center homes are not staffed with medical personnel, however monitoring and training is provided for residents who routinely take medication.

Residential Services

Our Residential Facilities

Promise House, Kendallville, IN

Promise House is a short term crisis stabilization residence for adults (18 or older) with a mental illness. Continuing stay is reviewed weekly.  Each resident sees the psychiatrist weekly to review progress and readiness for discharge.

Residents may attend Clubhouse or hold jobs if approved by the psychiatrist.

Pioneer Lodge 1*, Kendallville, IN

Pioneer Lodge 1 is a residence for adults (18 or older) with significant difficulties in daily living due to their mental illness.

The program provides direct supervision, training in daily living skills, and promotes community reintegration. Residents attend Clubhouse daily as part of their rehabilitation.

Pioneer Lodge 2*, Angola, IN

Pioneer Lodge 2 is a residence for adults (18 or older) who have significant difficulties in daily living due to mental illness and substance abuse. The program combines direct supervision in a drug free environment, training in daily living skills, and participation in recovery oriented outpatient groups.

Stepping Stone, Kendallville, IN

Stepping Stone is a transitional home providing a supported living environment.

Residents at Stepping Stone require minimal support with daily living tasks.  The facility is staffed approximately 20 hours per week.

Residents pay a flat fee to stay at Stepping Stone which includes all meals.