NEC Strategic Plan

In May 2021, True North Strategic Advisors (True North) was engaged by Northeastern Center (NEC) to work with the organization and its Board to assist in advancing its strategic plan. This document contains the output of that collaborative project, including the following components:

Strategic Context

In this section, a brief history of NEC is outlined, as well as NEC’s Mission, Vision, and Shared Values.  While the mission of the organization remains unchanged, the Vision and Shared Values were reviewed and updated as a part of this project and have been affirmed by the Board.

Strategic Plan

The strategies and tactics that emerged for NEC are outlined in this section, which comprise the actionable goals of the Strategic Plan covering fiscal years 2023-2025.  Further, an explanation of related documents, including a working version of the Strategic Plan in an excel format, are outlined, along with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will allow NEC and the Board to monitor the progress and success of the Plan.

Implementation Plan

Lastly, an Implementation Plan was created in conjunction with NEC to assist with operationalizing the Strategic Plan and preparing for potential roadblocks that might limit the progress of the plan.

2023 Community Focus